Fashion Retailer Kate Spade Using iPads As Digital Signs

March 21, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Photo from Kate Spade via CNET

Photo from Kate Spade via CNET

Fashion retailer Kate Spade Saturday has started using iPads as in-store signage in its Tokyo locations, with plans to expand on that later this year.

Kate Spade Saturday is running product videos and product demos on the units. “Apple iPads will be strategically positioned throughout the shop, featuring content that is relevant to items in proximity, such as timely marketing messages, style suggestions and video, and user-generated images to encourage engagement with the brand and its products,” the retailer said in a release. “The iPads will additionally educate customers on multiple ways to wear and use select products.”

The retailer is working with NYC-based Control Group, which has been involved in some of the recent news about public displays on New York streets and in the subway system.

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