Video: 2XM Demos Multi-Platform Interactive Retailing

March 7, 2013 by Dave Haynes

There is a digital conference called DX3 on this week in Toronto and I unfortunately haven’t had the free time to tear down there and have a look, as I did last year.

It’s too bad, because one of the companies I wanted to catch up with there is 2XM Interactive from Montreal, which some nice stuff last year and has really upped their game a year later.

I’m not even sure how all this works, but the bit in the video that really intrigued me is how using a smartphone camera to shoot a poster image then makes that poster have new layers of images when viewed on the phone screen. Look at 0:52 seconds.

The company has a booth at DX3, showing a shelf-edge iPad retailing product called Third Shelf. So if you are there today, have a look.





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