New Digital Signage Conference Set For October In NYC

February 27, 2013 by Dave Haynes


In an interesting turn of events, the annual digital signage executive conference in NYC that has for years been put on by Toronto-based Strategy Institute will be put on instead by a couple of well-known industry people, Steve Nesbit and Adrian Cotterill.

Consultants Nesbit and Cotterill (the latter you will also know as the DailyDOOH guy) have co-chaired the event the last couple of years, with the UK-based blogger using his media platform to drive awareness and attendance.

It is not all that surprising that the concept of a NYC fall event has been somewhat wrested away from the Strategy people, who are in the business of holding high-priced educational conferences on pretty much whatever might generate a crowd.

I am not sure of the arrangement to do this, but my guess is the Strategy people would have a tough time raising a stink over this. They could continue their own event, I suppose, but my comment there would simply be: “Yeah, good luck with that!”

Without sector experts like these guys, the event would go nowhere.The company was at one point pretty active in this space, but in the past few years has been absent except for two days each October.

The dates are Oct. 23-24 in NYC – venue, schedule and speakers to follow.

photo credit: andrew c mace via photopin cc

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