Mr. Crankypants Rolls Over 3,000 Mark

January 28, 2013 by Dave Haynes

3000One of things I like about WordPress as a content management system is it gives you all kinds of stats on a configurable dashboard, so it is easy to know where you are at. I know I was coming up on my 7th anniversary as Mr. Crankypants blogger (post 1 was Feb. 5, 2006) but I just about missed that there are now 3,000 posts in the archive.

That’s a LOT of content, and the odd bit here and there is actually coherent. Thanks for the nice notes from people that help keep me going, and to the sponsors – Capital Networks, IAdea, Digital Signage Expo and Broadsign at the moment – that help pay the bills as I’ve moved off budget website hosts and actually paid people to tweak the site here and there.

I still like doing this, so you may well see the meter roll over to 4,000, 5,000 and beyond. There is waaaaay more writing about this space than when I started, but enough people tell me this is unique and needed, which keeps me motivated.


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