Ambient Content Takes A Walk

January 22, 2013 by Dave Haynes


A restaurant called Joey’s in downtown Vancouver has a big 2 by 2 video wall running over the reception desk, with content that was interesting and a little perplexing.

One piece was just a slightly moving aerial shot of the city’s gorgeous downtown. The other was a hipster animation thing very vaguely reminiscent of the famed image of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road.

I don’t think you need shots of Panang Prawn Curry Bowls or gin martinis. And I get the idea of just setting a mood. But I’m not sure I was quite getting this, though I like the idea of not doing the predictable.

It took looking at the pic on a larger display (as opposed to the phone) to appreciate the: “Why is that old person taking pictures of us. Eeeew.” look on the faces of these two. Funny.

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