Research: If You Insist On QR Codes, Use Them For Product Information

January 3, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Results of a survey by Perception Research Services International (PRS) show product information is the most likely reason people will whip out their smartphones and scan a QR code.

The consumer survey suggested – as relayed in Marketing Chartsamong those shoppers who reported having used QR codes, the predominant uses were for general product information (69%) and promotions (65%), with price (57%) also a motivator.

Respondents, who were required to be responsible for at least half of their household’s grocery shopping, were generally less likely to use QR codes to obtain product reviews (42%), loyalty rewards (40%), or to find a store’s location (29%).

Reinforcing the gadget-madness stereotype, the study found men are more likely than women to be both familiar with, and use, QR codes. Overall, unaided awareness of QR codes among PRS survey respondents stood at 57% (men: 75% / women: 52%).

The PRS survey was done last year in Q2 among 1,450 Americans.

The results make a lot of sense, as QR codes started getting used more appropriately last year (in 2011, brands were just putting them on things because it was “the thing” of that moment). So you no longer see them on billboards, in TV spots and digital signage creative, but you do see them on the little paper fact tags in big box electronics and mass merchandise stores.


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