Clones For Apple Store’s iPad Enclosures

January 3, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Apple stores have been using iPads as very simple but effective digital merchandising displays, the tablets tidily and securely encased in acrylic frames. Now a company is marketing secure enclosures that mimic (OK, clone) the Apple store design, with other retailers in mind.

My initial thought is that Apple must have a patent on that design, but then I wondered why Apple would go after a company that’s marketing something that encourages volume purchases of their product.

The company, newPCgadgets, has versions for both the iPad and iPad Mini:

Constructed from 1 ¼” clear acrylic the Security Base looks just like the Apple store display but with additional security features. Each Base is custom milled and polished. Slots are provided in the Security Base for the charging cord, earphones and the on/off button.

The iPad Security Base includes mounting holes for screws or clear pressure sensitive adhesive (same as Apple store) for surface mounting. The iPad is secured with an outer-frame and tamper-proof screws providing full access to the touch screen. Depending on preference, the frame can be positioned to provide or block access to the home-button.

There are also other products that stand the iPads up in landscape mode on a counter, or let them hang securely on a wall. There’s another with a secured but integrated credit card reader.

I mention all this because iPads are showing up more and more in retail settings, but store managers are understandably worried the tablets will go out for a walk and not come back. For deployment companies charged with coming up with a design that solves the problem, here it is … starting at $80.

There are other companies, of course, with wall and pedestal enclosures, as well … but this is the first I have seen that just flat copies the Apple store look.

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