DSE Locking Down Its 2013 Seminar Plans & Sked

December 11, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Expo is now only a few weeks off and the education sessions are starting to get fully locked down and promoted.

Among them is what looks to be a solid and worthwhile one going through the basics of Network Design, Management and Operations. Way too many people get caught up in the deliverable – the screens and content – and tend to take a little too lightly all the stuff that gets a network design properly and in a state that will ensure it runs smoothly.

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The seminar program, one of several focused subject areas, runs Feb. 27-28.

Topics to be covered include:

“The Network Design, Management & Operations Track presentations will present compelling real-world illustrations of the challenges inherent in designing and executing network installations in a variety of venues and how those challenges were successfully overcome,” says Richard Lebovitz, Educational Director for Exponation, LLC, which runs DSE. “These sessions also feature end-user presenters from banking, entertainment, education, healthcare, and transportation to give 2013 attendees the benefit of learning from actual user about different approaches to successful outcomes.”

What I like is the presenters and moderators are NOT the usual suspects – otherwise known as the consultants and product-pitchers who show up on waaaaaay too many panels and are never far from a microphone. Among the guys worth listening to is Randy Dearborn, who runs the MGM Resorts digital program across all the Vegas properties.

The full conference schedule is here …

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