Spotted: Video Wall Embedded in Scotiabank’s Giant Branding Wall

November 29, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Jeff Wismer of Toronto’s Cineplex Digital Solutions posted a tweet and pic (@jeffwismer) from a new branding wall at the Scotiabank branch at Yorkdale, arguably’s Canada’s toniest shopping mall.

It’s an array of four 55-inch LG LCD panels. It’s also a great example of how a big canvas can work with you or against you. Done the wrong way, even 110 diagonal inches of video display can get lost in a busy visual environment like a mall. By framing the display in the primary branding color for the bank, the display has some real visual pop to it.

They also spent the money to get super narrow bezels, which makes a HUGE difference in the final look of a tiled display. The seams are fairly minimal.

Nicely done.

Cineplex, aka DDC, works with Scotia on its branch digital signage, and the chartered bank is also a huge marketing partner with Cineplex’s parent company – Canada’s dominant movie theatre chain.

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