UK Integrator Opens Digital Signage Superstore

November 28, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I have a slightly loopy love for press releases from the UK and Europe because I get all these terms I don’t othewrwise see, like bespoke (translation: custom) and hypermarket (translation: big-ass store).

Both are part of the news release about a purpose-built, focused showroom for digital signage gear and software at a storefront location in Birmingham, England.

Says the release on the Digital Signage Hypermarket:

The 3,000 square feet showroom will offer Europe’s largest selection of outdoor and indoor LED & LCD displays under one roof. Products will range from digital menus and posters, till/shelf side POS displays and multi-touch screens to bespoke LED & LCD tiling video walls among other. Customers will also be offered cloud-based digital signage and multi-touch software training and demonstrations in a separate section of the hypermarket called the ‘’Cloud Room’’. Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET will be one of the products featured.

Audio-visual and digital media production company Chamber TV will start trading in the new year as One Digital Solutions, with the Digital Signage Hypermarket and One Digital Solutions being a joint venture between Chamber TV and the One group of digital companies, a division of Elonex, which is UK’s leading LED and consumer electronics manufacturer.

Still with me?

‘’For the past few years, we have been looking at alternative ways of selling digital signage,” says Richard Westhead, Managing Director and Founder of Chamber TV and One Digital Solutions. “We believe that a dedicated hypermarket will not only promote the technology to non-connoisseurs but will also make it very easy to buy. The Digital Signage Hypermarket takes the concept of an ‘’out-of-the-box digital signage solution’’ to the next level.’’

To the next level? Ick.

The hypermarket soft-opens next week and more officially launches in January. The  address is:

Ground Floor | 104-106 Hagley Road


B16 8TF


The showroom idea is interesting. I’ve seen many, many, many attempts at micro-showrooms, and they tend to look like retail as designed by propeller-heads. As in functional, and that’s it.

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