Project Profile: The Night Sky In LEDs, As Tribute To Carl Sagan

November 24, 2012 by Dave Haynes

You can do some pretty amazing things with even low rez LED screens if a bright mind gets involved.

This is artist Leo Villareal’s tribute to the late American astronomer Carl Sagan, embedded into the outdoor ceiling of a building on the campus of Cornell University, where Sagan was a professor.


The installation uses over 12,000 LEDs to create dynamic light displays that show the night sky.

As described in designboom:

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Presented above the johnson museum of art mallin sculpture court on the cornell university campus, american artist leo villareal has developed an interactive lighting installation that is composed of over 12,000 energy efficient LED’s. wired in a grid, villareal has programmed the exhibition to portray the ‘cosmos’ illumination patterns, where computer software generations allow for various shapes and variations to form. located on a high ceiling measuring approximately 45 feet x 68 feet, the site provides high visibility on campus and a platform for the city of Ithaca below to observe.[/highlight]

Images all from designboom

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