Sharp Launches 90-Inch Commercial Display For Digital Signage

November 23, 2012 by Dave Haynes

We are moving ever closer to the point that smaller video walls don’t actually need to be arrays of LCDs with bezels that hopefully aren’t too thick and unsightly.

You could get four 45-inch LCDs and put them together in an array, or just get one of these 90 inch fellas from Sharp and stop worrying about seams.

Sharp’s new PN-R903 is a commercial unit following on the release earlier this year of a big mother consumer-grade version for Russian oil barons and striking NHL players.

This new unit runs 1080P HD video (it would kinda insane if it didn’t) and has smart controllers that adjust the brightness based on ambienbt conditions and the playback media.

The raw dimensions are about 3.5 by 6.5 feet and thing thing weighs about about 75 kgs, or 165 pounds.

You can get all the specs off the Sharp Japan site if you don’t mind Googled Japan-English translations.

It should be noted that the way LCDs are manufactured that size does have its boundaries. The way the glass is manufactured in sheets means this is pushing on the outer limits of size, so don’t expect a 200-inch diagonal LCD. I think the biggest mother glass substrates is something like 86 by 98 inches, which is the equal of about six 55 inchers (and I am not sure that means you could make a single screen THAT big).

No price, but thinking more than $400. Maybe add a couple of zeroes. The units are touted to be ready to ship in Q1 2013.


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