MultiTouch Plans Toronto Demo Days

November 21, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The Finnish company MultiTouch has organized a pair of Demo Days for next week (Nov. 28-29) in Toronto – giving people in the signage, event and interactive spaces a hands-on look at some pretty slick technology.

I have seen this company’s stuff at a few trade shows, and liked how they are think about and present their technology offer.

The demos are open to all and will be at the Novotel Toronto Center Hotel, which is right downtown and just a couple of blocks from subway and commuter rail systems.

At the Demo Days, we will demonstrate

– MultiTouch’s unique stacking ability that allows tables and walls to be connected as one continuous interactive surface

– Enriched Reality™, using real life objects to interact with MultiTouch displays

– IR pen annotation and interaction

– Operation in bright external lighting conditions

The Demo Days are 10 am  to 6 pm and there’s an open doors policy. However, the sales people would love to get advance notice via email:  sales-us AT

The company is also doing a similar Demo Days event in New York at the MultiTouch offices at 770 Broadway, Dec. 12 – 13.

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