Damn, They’re Low On Full Sail Hopfenfrisch!

November 15, 2012 by Dave Haynes

A reader saw the post a few weeks back about a digital menu board for beers on tap, and pointed out there is another company also doing that – with some pretty clever enhancements.

Portland-based Digital Pour has a menu board that shows what’s on tap in a bar, but is also the front-end of a beer inventory management system. So the screens can tell you the types of beer and pricing, but also the state of the keg (ie just tapped or only the dregs left).

Very clever, and probably a great way to speed up ordering and not drive servers nuts answering the “What do you have on tap?” question over and over.

Tapping (sorry) into back-office management systems to dynamically display real-tiume information, no matter the product or service, makes a world of sense, and is often not all that hard, at all, to do.


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