Taplister Markets Digital Beer Menu Board

October 2, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I was sitting in a bar last week – I know, shocking – squinting at a chalkboard’s hand-scrawled listings (below) of the local brews they had on tap and trying to guess at what they were and what, therefore, I wanted.

It never occurred to me that a digital beer menu board would do a better job, but now I see there is a company called Taplister that has created just that. And it’s kinda slick.

Taplister markets its Digital Beer Board to bar owners, letting them update their beer menu board in real time from a phone, tablet or PC. The system is integrated with FourSquare and Twitter and also publishes to a website off one interface.

The presentation is essentially a web browser that integrates with the Taplister data. It can display beer name, brewery name, brewery location, beer style, % ABV, IBUs, RateBeer score, price and serving size or glass. I like the color coding that suggests how light or heavy the brew may be.

The full meal deal program that includes all the various online and mobile aspects of Taplister, including the digital board admin and display piece, is $99/month.


  1. Mike says:

    This is a knock off of a really much deeper and more beautiful Original beer board from Digital Pour.
    Another small Portland startup with Ann amazing board. See Beer Advocate, Cover Story.
    If you want real quality and value. Best to really check it out and decide for yourself.
    It’s all good , digital beer boards are awesome.

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