New Multi-Touch Overlay Only As Thick As Coin

October 24, 2012 by Dave Haynes

This is pretty slick – a multi-touch screen overlay with a frame that is no thicker than a coin.

The unit, called the G4S, is from Silicon Valley-based PQ Labs. It is infrared multi-touch and the PR suggest it is twice as smooth in terms of responsiveness as an iPad, which is a bit of the gold standard for what consumers now expect when they start interacting with screens.

The demo video on the company site suggests otherwise (whoever does the touching is very methodical), but I have not personally tried flicking, swiping and zooming with one of these puppies.

The attraction to overlays is that you can, well, overlay an existing commercial monitor. The thing only requires a USB for power if it is 46 inches or smaller.

There is also a wireless touch and push to screen thing that looks kinda cool, but is billed as coming soon.

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