Gear: eyevis Joins Transparent LCD Competition With Angled Retail Unit

October 17, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The German firm eyevis has joined the increasingly lengthy list of companies marketing solutions that involve transparent LCDs.

The new units have 22 and 46-inch versions and do the same thing as the others in the space – removing the typical backplate of the display unit and illuminating the liquid crystal display using light from the merchandising container.

Stratacache, Planar and the big display guys have all been showing units that range from chiller fridge doors to much smaller merchandising units that illuminate things like watches, cosmetics and choses, with a transparent LC overlay with associated marketing messages.

What’s different, I think, about the 22 is that it is not just a cube, but is designed with an angular face. It looks nice, but I wonder how the LCD visuals cut through the overhead lighting in stores.

My somewhat uneducated guess is that the visuals, already starved for light because of the way these things set up, tend to get washed out in brightly lit spaces.

eyevis, you might recall, also introduced display blocks that compete with Christie and Prysm.

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