Project Profile: IAC Switches On 120-Ft Wide Video Wall AT NY HQ

October 3, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Now this is a big video wall.

The online media group IAC has turned on a new 120 foot wide by 10 foot tall video wall in the lobby of its headquarters building in New York’s Chelsea district.

It’s a nice win for Prysm and its signature Laser Phosphor Display block product, on order size (664 units) and also because of the client and the high profile building architect, Frank Gehry.

Prysm’s new LPD technology is actually being used for two walls – the giant  west wall – which amounts to more than 43 million pixels – and the smaller 20 ft wide by 10 high east wall. The displays are on the ground level, visible from the street, and often the backdrop for events.

I’ve not been there, but vaguely remembered there already being video walls in this space. The replacement displays are touted as reducing power and cooling costs by 70 percent over the projection technology that was in place.

“The new technology displayed in the IAC HQ’s video walls sets the standard for green technology,” saysVincent Luciani, Chief Information Officer of IAC. “We expect to dramatically decrease our energy costs while simultaneously providing an unparalleled viewing experience for our hundreds of clients and thousands of employees and visitors that attend events at the IAC HQ each year.”

“Our momentum is growing as Prysm installations continue to populate some of the most well-known international organizations. We are very excited to support IAC, a name synonymous with success,” says Amit Jain, CEO and Founder of Prysm. “This installation demonstrates Prysm’s immersive experiences and its image uniformity over the long life of these displays does not require regular adjustments leading to fast ROI as well.”


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