ScreenScape Upgrades Platform, Switching From .Net To .Com

September 18, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Looks like the guys in PEI at Screenscape are going from dotNet to dotCom, and doing a major upgrade in capabilities.

The web-based digital signage software company sent around a note today with a preview video of its new look and feel (and dotcom brand).

The new version of ScreenScape introduces a design-centric approach for content. The approach turns advanced content creation into a simple fill-in-the-blanks process. Users of ScreenScape will see the quality of their displays go up, while their content creation costs and timelines go down.

This new version makes heavy use of online template and edit tools to easily develop and edit simple messaging, and also adds some animations. The toolset looks a little similar to the Wave signage ad generation platform that was unveiled a few months ago.

What’s interesting to me is a move already in place in the company’s marketing away from the old split screen and tickers stuff that looked very HTML-ish (new word). What I see on the video and on the dotNet site seems mostly or all about fill-screen content with big visuals and easily read content elements. They are either using Screenfeed or emulating the full-screen photo and headline concept.

ScreenScape sells on a Software as a Service basis. Licenses/subscriptions are $10 a month a unit.

I have an old school ScreenScape network at my local grocery and the multi-zone, teeny type design makes me crazy. Maybe that will change now?

The company has a web launch/demop/webinar thing on Thursday afternoon. It is by invite, so if you know people at Screenscape, ask ’em.



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