Project Profile: Old World Meets Digital at Burberry’s Regent Street Flagship

The storied British apparel brand Burberry has opened a new flagship store in London that puts digital front and center in a blend of old world wool and leather meets cool digital.

It’s nice, though watching the video, I am not entirely sure what some of the things are. Look at 2:03 and tell me what’s going on there.

There is a very BIG 22-ft wall using Prysm’s display blcoks that visually dominates the space and, nicely, is designed to not only be the Wow Factor element but serve as a backdrop for live events.

There are smaller displays associated with featured apparel displays, and interactive stations – so you drop a handbag down, an RFID reader IDs that piece of kit, and triggers associated media files. There are also apparently tons of interactive mirrors. I like the showmanship of the digital takeover thing where all the displays sync up, though I think this video is pretty heavily cooked in AfterEffects or something and I am  not sure that’s what actually goes on.

The store apparently wired up like crazy and has 500 speakers and a hidden stage for small concerts and fashion shows.

The chatty guy at the head of the video is Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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