The Basics: Using Sticky Content To Drive Viewership

August 30, 2012 by Dave Haynes

The Aussie OOH media company Eye has branded a new network product as Longreach – using BIG video walls at the Qantas check-in areas at airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

What they have done right here is parked the advertising window in a very busy area and right between the arrivals and departures screens. As they describe it, Longreach screens are “a guaranteed visual check point from the 330,000 passengers travelling with Qantas weekly.”

Yup. Because the content is sticky – information people will look at repeatedly.

The more normal, uninspired and impact-impaired approach would be to put up news and weather – which as we all know is information that’s sooo hard to get these days.

The basics of content are giving people what they’re interested in at that moment, NOT what’s automated, easy and a complete commodity.

The Longreach network is part of an$11 million investment Eye is putting into its deal with Qantas. The LED screens installed in the Longreach network span up to 8.8m x 2.6m and are fully networked for easy and flexible content scheduling via the cloud operated server. This gives advertisers complete control to cover Australia with a uniform campaign or tailor each campaign from state to state.


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