DNC Books Anti-Romney Spots On Digital Board Facing Republican Convention

August 29, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Ambush and guerilla marketing is nothing new for national politics, but it’s a little more amped up by digital this week as US Republicans meet this week in Tampa at the party’s national convention.

Democrat supporters have booked at least a couple of billboards with opposing ad spots, and one of those boards is directly facing the venue and running a set of cheeky spots about nominee Mitt Romney’s jobs record.

The Democratic National Committee is running a series of spots on the board facing the Tampa Bay Times Forum, cycling a new one every  7.5 seconds every minute. If the party organizers are wise, they would have already booked time on whatever boards are facing the Democrat venue in Charlotte, NC next month – so they don’t get payback.

A second board takes a poke at delegates, welcoming them to a city run by elected Democrats.


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