PRN Renews In-Store Deal With Costco; Adds 3D

July 30, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Premier Retail Networks has renewed its in-store media network deal with wholesale giant Costco, and is adding a 3D content channel to its programming.

PRN has been in Costco since 2004, and has screens running in some 400 of the giant big box stores. Unless I missed it, the network does not extend into Canada.

Says a release:

Under the new agreement, PRN’s upgraded in-store media HDTV Network will provide Costco warehouses with a dedicated 3D content channel to support Costco’s 3D consumer electronics education initiatives.

Working closely with Costco to enhance engagement with their members, PRN is further integrating its HDTV Network platform with Costco’s technology infrastructure to support a wider range of media formats. This upgrade delivers high-quality video streams, enhances performance of video playback channels across the network, and is scalable to accommodate future technologies. The platform’s ability to evolve with future video / digital applications will enable Costco to continually showcase the latest developments in consumer electronics.

“PRN continues to provide Costco with new and innovative ways to engage our members and bring the highest quality technology to in-store media,” sys Paul Latham, vice president of membership and services.

“In addition to the important renewal of our longstanding relationship, we are excited to bring 3D to Costco,” says PRN President Ahmad Ouri. “Costco Members benefit from this new platform as they can learn about and compare products and be entertained while they shop.”

Under the extended agreement, PRN will provide an integrated retail media solution including custom HDTV content, strategic programming, advertising sales, network operations, media management and scheduling.

In the absence of glasses free 3D that’s actually good, this means 3D in stores will have to be done with the wishful thinking that people already have 3D glasses, and just happen to have said 3D glasses with them. Or they will have stacks of disposables like movie theaters.

Read five stories and you will get five different takes on the state of 3D HDTV sales and the future, so it’s evident Costco is hoping PRN can help move units by getting focused content on screens in the aisles.
photo credit: Julep67 via photo pin cc

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