Sightings: Counter Display Scans Pre-made Meals To Show Ingredients, Calories

June 26, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I’ve not seen this before, and think it’s kinda clever in a limited use way.

Signio, A Danish digital signage integrator, is working with a food services company, Foodmarket, at Copenhagen’s airport. They have done menu boards, but the interesting bit for me is counter-mounted interactive screens that let people select a sandwich or salad and scan the QR code on the packaging … so you can get a sense of ingredients and nutritional attributes

  1. Interesting, would like to see the deployment of this.


  2. Hi Dave
    Thanks for commenting this! The FoodFacts solution is a part of a bigger project we have done for Select Service Partner, Denmark (we do handle all of their digital initiatives).

    FoodMarket is a new brand, based on a Whole foods/Nordic foods philosophy, at Copenhagen Airport. To support this the FoodFacts tablet gives access to nutritional information and (by swipe) information on the different products used in e.g. a sandwich.

    FoodMarket also consists of a Scala-based meuboard (total of 10 monitors i Terminal 2).

    -Lars Kanstrup, Product & Concept Manager, Signio

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