Denver’s Airport Goes Big On Digital OOH

June 22, 2012 by Dave Haynes


photo credit: LuMag00 via photo pin cc

Denver International Airport is getting kitted out with 118 flat panel displays as part of a digital OOH advertising initiative by Clear Channel Airports.

The set-up includes 70-inch freestanding LCD panels on level six of the terminal, six video walls on the concourses, and four 26-foot diagonal LED video towers around the elevator columns in the terminal’s Great Hall.

“The video towers will be the largest digital displays currently planned for any U.S. Airport,”  John Ackerman, Denver International Airport’s chief commercial officer, told Airport World.

Some 50 million travellers go through Denver each year – and the advertising will, says Ackerman, “significantly increase non-airline revenue.” The 10-year deal means a minimum of $2.3 million in rent during year one, and $3 million the next. One report suggested the 10 year value is roughly $95 million.

The existing hotel phone boards in the baggage claim area will also be replaced with touchscreens that can send information about hotels and restaurants to mobile devices.

No idea on software or displays, though you know Denver-based Harris and Four Winds would be very eager to get that business in their backyards.

Toby Sturek, president of Clear Channel Airports, says Denver International was the first airport to “fully grasp the value of digital advertising platforms.”

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