Freudenberg Leaves Adcentricity

June 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Laurie Freudenberg has left the new Adcentricity, about three months after the firm was acquired by Bee Media.

As some of you may know, Adcentricity, the company where I’ve hung my hat for the past five years and grew with my two partners, was acquired at the end of March,” writes in an email to business contacts. “It was truly gratifying to see our efforts to build an organization with long-term value come to be, and I’m keen to watch its future progress.

I wanted to let you know that effective today, I have joined another early-stage company, Enthrive, in the role of COO.  Enthrive is an online and mobile technology company whose platform enables the delivery of remote nutrition and expert weight loss counseling.  I’m incredibly excited to have the chance to help another organization scale to reach its goals and potential.

Laurie had taken on the position of COO at Adcentricity, post acquisition. Rob Gorrie continues to advise the company on part-time basis and as far as I know Jeff Atley is still fully involved with the company as VP Business Development.

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