Backdrop For New Surf Musical In Vegas One BIG Video Wall

June 19, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I’m sure this has been done to some degree before, but video walls on a theatrical set make a bunch of sense now that the costs have dropped and the seams nartrowed to a point that they’re somewhat irrelevant.

When Sharp’s senior VP Mike Marusic spoke at the DisplaySearch conference in Las Vegas last week, he mentioned a new installation in place and ready to go on the Strip. The producers of SURF the Musical are using 136 60-inch LED-backlit LCDs as the primary backdrop for the production that opens Friday at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The show is about surf culture in the 1960s, using the music of the Beach Boys. Five walls were developed by Adaptive Video Walls and Displays to shift as needed for parts of the show.

“We’re thrilled to provide the backdrop for such an exciting and innovative musical production as Surf the Musical,” says Paul Allen, president, Adaptive Technologies Group. “It goes to show how our years of engineering expertise in audio and video wall frame technology can be leveraged for some of the most stunning visual events and productions in the world. We hope that people will see it and realize just how far the technology has come, and how they can use it to truly add dazzle to their events.”

The intriguing thing is the walls are “flyable” – meaning they are not fixed in place and can re-positioned during the show.

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