Screenfeed Automates London Olympics Coverage For Digital Signage Networks

May 31, 2012 by Dave Haynes

This is smart.

There will be tons of interest in the upcoming Olympics in London and content that shows rolling results, images and video will be in demand. Screenfeed has packaged up dynamic content bundles built exclusively for digital signage, with material that works with and without sound.

The Bronze package has a live medal count showing the top-ranked countries in addition to a customized home country (so the US may not be in the top 3 with Canada, but it can be added … I’M KIDDING!). It’s meant for small countries like Luxembourg that may not pick up a lot of medals but can still be tallied in the count. There are also Olympics-in-Pictures (added to the Silver package) and Olympic Video News Bites (found in the Gold package).

There is also material designed for the weeks leading up to the games, such as athlete profiles, facts and trivia for certain packages. All material is built to short content lengths, and will plug-and-play on most digital signage software platforms.

The content starts running July 1 and is being sold at a one-time fee per media player. You can see samples here …




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