Insteo Debuts New HTML5-Driven Twitter Visuals At ScreenMedia Expo

May 16, 2012 by Dave Haynes

This is cool and kinda funny.

Dear Adobe Flash,

It’s been great, but we’re moving on. Yes, the rumors are true, we’ve been hanging out with HTML5. It’s SO much better!

Our new digital signage content is HTML5 based – runs on Android, iOS, Digital Signage players. Great for events, retail, clubs, classrooms, boardrooms – anyplace you want screen to mobile integration.

That’s the Facebook post from my Long Beach, CA friends at Insteo, who have a nice HTML5 app running at ScreenMediaExpo this week in the UK, at the signagelive booth.

It’s a beta version visualization based on the Twitter handles of some popular recording artists, or at least ones my kids have heard about. I used to cover music for a living, but just lately, finally, I am losing a grip on who’s big and really losing a grip on why (with some of them).

Anyway, the thing here is that what’s running on a big screen can be snapped as a QR code or entered with a short URL to put on a smartphone browser, as well. So what you see on the big screen, you can walk away with on your little screen.

An interesting angle is that this is a visualization you can also control. I grabbed one of the URLs on my Android smartphone and was able to manipulate the highlighted tweets. There are kinks to work out on smaller screens, like mine, but I gather it looks great on tablets.

Insteo did something similar (but different) for live presentations for a client who had a booth at NAB. The idea of seeing something you like and taking it with you on your phone, via a simple bookmark, has some legs to it.


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