Please Don’t Steal Me!

April 18, 2012 by Dave Haynes

This could be dropped in the clever, weird or impractical bucket, or all three.

Delphi Display Systems has introduced a “Digital Sidewalk SignBoard” that sticks a daylight readable display into an old school cafe chalkboard you parked outside of pubs and restaurants.

The idea is you get the advantage of digital but the quaintness of a chalk-scribbled message below it, such as “Please don’t steal this thing!”

The Digital Sidewalk SignBoard combines the digital flexibility of a 22-inch sunlight readable LCD display with a traditional chalkboard to join ditial images and text that bring customers into your business. The chalkboard provides the ability to easily convey up-to-the second information that can be changed on the spot – with a personal touch.

The Digital Sidewalk SignBoard display is a combination of hi-bright LCD with a 1,200 nit LED backlight – delivering the brightest and crispest screen, even in direct sunlight. Images and videos are easily updated via a standard USB thumb drive. Add optional speakers and your message can be heard as well as seen.

Delphi’s Digital Sidewalk SignBoards are designed to withstand the weather and environmental conditions of outdoor environments and work equally well in-store. The LCD is protected for indoor/outdoor use with an all-glass front window with black glass bezel and dust and water proof for continual reliable performance.

It has wheels so someone can roll it in and out of a shop or bar, and would not be all that heavy.

But here’s the thing. It needs power, and a fair amount of it because the unit is pushing 1,200 nits. That means it needs an AC cord, and that means there has to be an outlet outside or a cord pulled from inside. And it means said cord can’t extend out from a wall more than a foot or so, for fear of people tripping on it … and all the lawyers that will ensue.

There’s no price here, but nothing with very high-bright and weather-sealed enclosures goes cheap. Small business guys are not known for their wild spending.

So, it’s kinda sorta clever, but the marketplace will decide on its real attraction as a marketing tool.


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