Pitch In: Relay For Life

April 18, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Tom McGowan of Four Winds Interactive sent a note around last night asking for a little profile for something his daughter, Heather Torgersen, is doing – raising money for cancer research.

If you were at The Preset Group DSE Mixer this year, you saw three women handling check-in and throwing out the unruly. That was Heather and her friends, who were enlisted to makes the chaos a little less chaotic. Heather (on right in pic) does event planning in her Las Vegas-based job, so I already have her lined up to take a lot of the reins of the 2013 Mixer. Big yay!

Anyway, in a couple of days she is part of a team (as is, apparently, Tom) doing one of those 24-hour fundraising relays – this one at UNLV’s track. That will get HOT.

She has a $1,000 goal and already has $790, but could use a last boost. If you know Tom (who has been around the sector forever) would like to pitch in and find out what makes Heather run, go here …

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