Polish Digital OOH Network Switches To BroadSign

March 22, 2012 by Dave Haynes

There’s nothing like a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to install confidence in prospective clients, so I am sure the guys at BroadSign were very keen to get word out of a software win with a third-party ad network that deploys in some of the major grocers in Poland.

BroadSign’s ad-focused SaaS platform should be driving some 3,400 Call2Action screens in 239 stores, by the end of this month – including 600 new screens.

Call2Action operates in Tesco’s Polish hypermarkets, the Alma deli chain and Piotr i Pawel supermarkets.  Both content and and ad sales come from the TVN Group – the largest media group in Poland. The network has a checkout channel with a six minute programming loop and a separate shopping channel with screens located around stores, running a 12 minute programming loop. Both channels feature 5- to 30-second ad spots that are placed between informational segments.

The news release today suggests as Call2Action expanded, so did the complexity of ad scheduling, reporting and management. “BroadSign equips us with a powerful and versatile system for communicating with the customers,” says Michal Maciuk, a senior executive at Call2Action. “Our screens become part of the shopping process; moreover, they enhance it. As a leader in innovation, we always aim to use the best tools possible — that is why we have chosen BroadSign.”

Research by the Polish wing of Millward Brown suggests 26 percent of shoppers’ contacts with Call2Action ads resulted in a purchase of the products advertised, most shoppers find the programming entertaining and useful.

In a recent chat with Dan Parisien, VP Products at BroadSign, he was saying the company was seeing a lot of new business out of Europe, and was suggesting more announcements were coming. Good to see. As other industry observers have noted, BroadSign has managed to keep on ticking and winning business for more than three years in the wake of major layoffs and no end of rumours. The Chapter 11 filing required a lot of managing of the message, but they obviously instilled confidence in clients who’d logically have cause for being jumpy.



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