Preset DSE Mixer: Sponsor/Partner Profiles – Arsenal Media, Insteo

February 20, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Just 14 sleeps until The Preset Group’s annual DSE Mixer, which will see roughly 300 industry folks gathering to meet and greet for a couple of hours, and then file up to the rooftop to giddily wait for the spaceships.

The one coming up – the third or fourth depending on how you want to count things – is the biggest yet, and we have several cool things in the works at the venue. We’re doing it this year in the Gold Diggers Lounge at the Golden Nugget in old Las Vegas. We know lots of people have never even been to Fremont Street, so this should be a trip in a couple of ways.

The event has a pile of sponsors who help defray the costs and provide gear or services in kind. As we lead up to the event, we’ll run profiles of sponsors and partners because it’s a nice way to say Thanks and also because I can. Pffft.

First Off:

Sponsor: Arsenal Media

Run by Denys Lavigne, this Montreal creative solutions/content marketing shop does arguably – and pretty easily argued – the best content in the interactive digital signage space. The company is up for, I think, six awards at Digital Signage Expo this year. Last year they wobbled off from the dinner with an armload of top prizes and the same will probably happen again.

I’ve known Lavigne for a bunch of years now and he is passionate about the space, likely one of the reasons he’s developed such a nice client list. It also has something to do with the city. I don’t know what it is because I don’t live there, but Montreal creative is just different. Cirque du Soleil is from Montreal. And the crazy projection mapping content you saw during Madonna’s Super Bowl performance was done by a Montreal shop.

Along with being a sponsor for a third year, Arsenal is helping produce some content for screens we’ll have on at the event. Yes, we’ll have digital signage at a digital signage event. Astonishingly clever people work at The Preset Group.

We also have a DJ and I have picked out some Epic Doom Metal tracks that are just awesome. If a touch LOUD.

Technical Partner: Insteo

I’ve only known Insteo CEO Jim Nista for a year or so but have developed a huge amount of respect for the guy. He’s one of the smarter cats in the space and he’s transitioned his company from print and digital marketing services into one that’s filling something of a gap in the sector for social media integration.

Some software companies have done the basics and “ticked the box” of integrating Twitter streams, but Insteo has gone a lot deeper. Jim proactively offered to do some custom stuff for the mixer and we think those who manage(d) to get invites will enjoy what they see.

More profiles to come.

photo credit: Renee Silverman via photopin cc

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