Rave Cinemas Starts Full Digital Signage Rollout With Real Digital Media

February 14, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Rave Cinemas, one of the biggest cinema chains by box office volume in the US, has moved from pilot to rollout of a full digital screen experience across its chain, using Real Digital Media as the digital signage technology platform.

First deployed about a year ago at an 18-screen site in Hurst, Texas, Rave is now putting a system in all of its 66 movie meccas, the latest at Las Vegas Town Square in Guess Where. The site has 65 flat panels around the venue doing digital menu boards, showtimes, marquees and promotions.

Says a release:

The Rave Cinemas network replaces traditional signage in the box office and on concession stand menu boards with networked digital displays. The digital signage network will also be employed for theater wayfinding, auditorium marquees and for coming attraction promotions.

All sites will be programmed and monitored from Rave’s Dallas HQ using RDM’s NEOCAST management software.

“Rave has built its business and its reputation by focusing on the movie-going experience and pioneering in the use of new technology and alternative programming,” says Bryan Rakowski, SVP Technology at Rave Cinemas. “It makes perfect sense for us to extend our digital footprint from the box office, through the lobby and into the auditoriums using digital signage.”

“Real Digital Media separated themselves from the crowd by showing us a platform that easily adapts to our various content needs and use cases, while scaling easily to meet our expansion demands to serve communities enjoying movies and film on nearly 1,000 screens across 20 states.”

Rave selected the NEOCAST Media Player Z to power the high-definition and rich media content showcased across the network. The content includes Silverlight applications designed to provide theater visitors with real-time information regarding showtimes, ticket availability, concession items and pricing, as well as wayfinding.

“The breadth of digital signage applications Rave employs in a single theater location using our NEOCAST platform is a testament to their ingenuity and the sophistication of their content strategy,”  says Ken Goldberg, Real Digital Media CEO. “Through a combination of video, rich media and real-time data integration, visitors to Rave Cinemas are being exposed to an engaging visual experience that is timely in the delivery of relevant information.”

 Photo: Jeff Green Photography

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