Corning Posts Day Of Glass Sequel Video

February 6, 2012 by Dave Haynes

[youtube id=”jZkHpNnXLB0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

There are a whole bunch of things in this video I would like to order today, please and thank you, staring with the solar panel roof, the digital privacy glass and the TV the size of my living room wall.

However, I don’t personally control an old Soviet republic oil supply, so I might have to wait. Sigh.

Engineered glass maker Corning has issued a sequel to its much discussed and referenced Day Of Glass video, that shows how we re moving rapidly to a world of transparent displays and digital on just about any glass surface. Like the first version, this one is filled with really interesting concepts and applications. The giant glass wall in a state park is probably about as wishful as one can imagine, but it is nonetheless very cool.

Showing how technology is applied through a day is a time-tested and effective tactic, and Corning does a really nice job of showing not only what’s possible but probably. A lot of the stuff in the video is possible today, though not so seamlessly and definitely not as mainstream products.

Expect this to be a time-filler and reference point in countless presentations in the coming months.

Hat tip to Chris Heap at Imperative Group, who tweeted about this video being out.


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