Sightings: Retail Fixtures That Put Product In Context

February 2, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Me and Hellberg are on the road, and were out last night walking off too much dinner, when we wandered into a Sports Authority store.

Pat pointed out the simple logic of attaching a screen to a fixture in an aisle that immediately showed why someone would want to buy the thing right below the screen. In this case, it was for rugged little GoPro cameras that people stick on helmets or handlebars as they do things that may or may not end badly, like snowboarding.

It’s such an obvious thing, but there’s no end of examples of work that misses the basics. In this case, a simple fixture does a really good job of showing what this camera can do, and puts the product right there to drive purchase.

If they missed anything, it was reinforcing that GoPros are rugged video cameras, because between the packaging and security tethers it was a little hard to sort out what was what.

That aside, what is the point of the monitors around the store showing ESPN? If you answer is none, 10 points.


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