Mixer Update: Sponsors and tickets

January 30, 2012 by Dave Haynes

It took all of three days to line up 10 sponsors and several technical partners for the upcoming Preset Group DSE Mixer. Thanks to all who responded so quickly, and apologies to those who sent me notes seconds after we closed off the list.

It should be a great event and it is already coming together nicely.

This year’s sponsors are Arsenal Media, Harris, DMG, DailyDOOH (all veterans of the mayhem) and the new sponsors are WireSpring, Real Digital Media, Cineplex Digital, rAVe Publications, Coxcom and signagelive. Most of these companies you will know well, and both Coxcom and Cineplex are from my neck of Canadian woods. Cineplex is the company formerly knows as DDC (strategy and execution) and Coxcom does deployment work.

All the sponsors will get profiled in the lead-up to the event. Gerba keeps loudly agitating for a flaming drink called the FireCast (like, who’d put an inane handle like FireCast on something???), but we’re still letting him be a sponsor.

Our technical partners for the event include BlueBite (we’re doing some mobile engagement stuff), Insteo (visualizations), Chilin Solutions (screens) and NanoLumens (freaking huge 112″ screen … if we can figure out where to put it!).

There are others in the works and we’d happily chat with small companies (this is not a micro trade show, but a working demo of using tech at a networking event) who think they have something to add.

Tickets, you’re no doubt wondering … They’ll go up next week. I am traveling this week, as are many people at ISE, so we’ll wait.

Stay tuned.

photo credit: Tom Purves via photopin cc

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