Companies Serve Up Real-time Analytics For Corporate Communications

January 16, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I don’t write a lot about corporate communications projects because they rarely seem to get discussed, perhaps because the jobs are smaller one-offs done by resellers and integrators with non-existent PR machines.

However, there’s a lot of those jobs out there. Of course, one of the big challenges with corporate comms jobs is figuring out what on earth to put on the screens after the initial excitement about the project dies down.

A UK company has coupled with Taiwan hardware company IAdea on a real-time business dashboard thing that has some possibilities.

Geckoboard, says a release, is a real-time dashboard that allows businesses to see all of their Key Performance Indicators in one place. Geckoboard makes it easy for businesses of any size to integrate with critical data sources and display the key metrics in an easy to interpret way on large screens or mobile devices.

The IAdea hook is that it has new digital signage player-appliances that have embedded HTML5 support that would make starting to use this service to drive big displays a snap.

“With more businesses seeing the benefits of widely communicating real-time metrics, anything that makes that process easier is a welcome development,” says Paul Joyce, CEO of Geckoboard.

So, the idea here is that a screen or screens around a corporate campus, or in production facilities, can query and display using widgets all kinds of visual and numeric data about what’s going with sales, manufacturing, up-time, web traffic and so on.

My head immediately went to the Groupon main sales floor (seen on 60 Minutes last night) and running updates on all that things that make that business, and others like it, tick.

Geckoboard is integrated with all kinds of web traffic, CRM, project management and analytics tools.

Geckoboard and IAdea have a promo going offering a 90 day free trial period (valued up to $597) on its SaaS-based corporate business intelligence service. IAdea customers can claim the discount code at The offer expires on March 31, 2012.

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