Ronin Wins Rollout With Interactive Rollout, But Can’t Name Client

January 12, 2012 by Dave Haynes

I tend to pay the most attention to Wireless Ronin when the company is forced by those damned securities regulators to lift the veil each quarter and show its financials.

That’s usually not the best of news, so for a change, here’s some better news.

The company has started rolling out what it calls a multi-platform sales support and marketing system to 40 sites of a major retailer it says has more than 390 stores across North America. It must make these guys crazy that the retailer won’t (we can comfortably assume) let them say who.

Rooting around in recent earnings calls didn’t give me many clues. Maybe Chrysler, but the automaker would have a lot more than 390 dealerships, and the company says it is not auto.

Wireless Ronin was chosen (by unnamed client) based on its proven ability to streamline the sales process with a comprehensive solution that improves customer satisfaction and delivers a high ROI.

“Integrating marketing and sales support communications across various customer touch points was one of our main objectives for this major customer, and this is what we excel at,” noted Wireless Ronin president and CEO, Scott Koller. “Our innovative and highly engaging retail solutions turn regular store environments into powerful consumer experiences that can take a brand to new levels.”

In order to enhance the various touch points within the sales cycle, the retailer engaged Wireless Ronin to develop interactive experiences managed through a network of Apple iPad® devices for sales consultants, customer-facing in-store touch screen kiosks, and a consumer web interface.

Using content developed specifically for the retailer, Wireless Ronin’s interactive applications help guide retail customers through a series of questions that easily builds a personalized, complete solution.

While controlled from a central location, this multi-platform solution delivers content relevant to each user on the system. RoninCast software operates at the core of this network and content management system, providing system health and usage reporting, and supporting a fully integrated interface that ensures a consistent user experience across myriad devices.

This implementation brings the total number of media players supported by Wireless Ronin’s technology to more than 7,000. “We are especially excited about this particular customer win, since it represents our first national retailer that we’ve provided our new marketing technology offerings beyond our traditional major automotive, food service and financial services customers,” added Koller. “We anticipate this representing a springboard to more such wins in 2012.”

With some companies doing 10K-plus deals with single clients, an aggregate of 7,000 or so licenses is not great. But, give Ronin credit for grinding away and winning deals in the face of financials you think would chill potential end-users.

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