Hofflander Latest To Saddle Up

January 3, 2012 by Dave Haynes

Saddle Ranch Digital has hired industry consultant Linda Hofflander as Chief Strategy Officer for the content company.

Hofflander signs on after a stint running her own consulting thing, called The Handa Group, and after stints with Wireless Ronin and John Ryan. She’s in Minneapolis and I assume that’s where she stays. From what I know of Saddle Ranch, the main people are located all over the place – though the marketing optics always locate the main office as Beverly Hills.

The company hired Paul Flanigan last fall as VP Content Strategy, and has another senior industry guy on retainer – I am not sure if this supposed to be out there so won’t say who – helping guide business development.

The company appears to be positioning itself as another soup to nuts offer – which is more the angle taken by software companies and nowhere near as often seen with companies that start as creative groups. They are now offering up consulting and “boot camp” education sessions.

No company has come even close to getting beyond marketing BS and actually establishing itself as the main player on the content side of this sector, and Saddle Ranch appears to be making a real play for that spot.


  1. Tony Hymes says:

    Makes more sense for a content group to take a soup to nuts approach than the hardware folks who can cut and run as soon as everything is up (and supposed to be running). Seems like a pretty good move on Saddle Ranch’s part, cultivate the connections and sign the long term deals.

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