Flanigan saddles up as content shop’s new VP Strategy

October 26, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Very nice to read that Saddle Ranch Digital has hired on Paul Flanigan as its VP of Content Strategy.

Most people who sorta know Paul probably thought he was at Rise Vision, but that gig didn’t last as long as probably Paul or Rise Vision chair Byron Darlison envisioned.

The Rise gig had biz dev in the title, and Paul is more suited to something that says Content Strategy in the title. That’s his passion, not sales. Plus they were three time zones apart.

Flanigan was one of the evil triumvirate that started Preset way back when, but he peeled off to do his own thing after about a year of me and Pat. Prior to that, he was the guy running Best Buy’s in-store network.

“This is a dream opportunity for me to exercise what I have spent over a decade learning,” says Flanigan. “I absolutely enjoy helping people to understand the value of engaging and compelling digital signage.”

“Paul brings years of experience and expertise in every aspect of digital media,” says Kim Sarubbi, President/CEO of Saddle Ranch Digital. “He understands what is important and how to deploy a successful digital signage network.  I am thrilled he is now a member of the Saddle Ranch team.”

This is a nice fit on both sides. Paul and Saddle Ranch are in the same time zone, for start (he’s in Sacramento and Saddle is in LA). More to the point, he’s going to pretty quickly raise that company’s game.

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