DSA does digital signage, but not that DSA

December 9, 2011 by Dave Haynes

This is kinda funny …

I was on Digital Signage Today looking at a story and noticed an ad embedded in the story, to:

Get Creative with Digital Signage from DSA

Hmmm. The DSA, aka Digital Screenmedia Association, is directly marketing a solution???

And they have a new logo!

Well, no. Turns out this is a company called DSA Phototech that sells “visual presentation solutions” – which is another way of saying LED and fluorescent light boxes, poster frames, retail signage, and lighting equipment.

Confusing. Especially when the DSA has close ties with NetWorld, which produces DS Today. You’d think they’d want to have a chat, but then, it can’t be seen as much of an issue if NetWorld is taking the ad dollars.



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