John Ryan bags 5-yr digital signage deal with global Top 20 bank

December 2, 2011 by Dave Haynes

With Europe and Spain in a bit of a financial pickle, it’s interesting and perhaps telling that a massive Spanish bank is going ahead with a digital screen network across its estate.

Madrid-based BBVA, one of the Top 20 retail banks on the planet in terms of scale, has entered into a five-year agreement with John Ryan in the wake of a joint pilot deployment in branches. BBVA has 3,000 retail branches in Spain and Portugal and 7,400 worldwide.

The BBVA “Dynamo” digital signage network, says the news release, enables hyper-localized messaging to suit the needs of clients at each branch. Programming is produced by John Ryan in five languages and incorporates news, trivia, weather and local real estate listings, as well as specially selected product offers appropriate to each branch’s customer base.

The messaging is controlled by John Ryan’s Messaging Manager content management platform and distributed to branches and selected BBVA work sites using the bank’s LAN. Content updates are based on a rules-based programming structure capable of providing highly relevant messaging with minimal manual intervention.

BBVA entered into a five-year agreement with John Ryan following the success of a joint pilot deployment, which was awarded a POPAI UK and Global digital signage Gold award.

“We are honored that our digital signage services and Messaging Manager platform were chosen by a bank that is widely known for innovation,” said Miguel Duran, general manager of John Ryan’s European operations. “The result of collaboration with BBVA’s marketing and IT departments, the Dynamo network gives BBVA a highly sophisticated tool for leveraging the revenue potential of the branch network’s millions of annual visits.”

Very nice win for John Ryan, and also a signal that despite topsy-turvy markets that must EVEN affect big banks, the ROI and overall value was clearly there to warrant the time and cost of a roll-out across the bank estate.

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