NanoLumens gets shot at backboard advertising

November 23, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Atlanta-based display firm NanoLumens have found their way into a market I’m guessing the guys didn’t cook up on their own, but might have some legs.

The company won a small job to build four custom units to use at the annual Maui Invitational NCAA Men’s college basketball tournament in Hawaii. The organizers wanted a lightweight, low profile, easy to install digital display that could be hung on the backboard supports.

The company built a couple of small brackets and off they went. Because the LED-based displays are very light, adding them to the backboard superstructure presented no issues.

There are a LOT of college and pro hoops courts out there, and a lot of fans. You could imagine how brands might like to get steadily into televised shots, and how teams would welcome those media dollars.



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