Stratacache co-sponsors city-wide charity dinner in hometown

November 22, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Stratacache is one of the donor/sponsors for a massive Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday in its hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

More than 500 volunteers will serve up a free turkey dinner to people who are struggling through the recession, or just lonely. The organizers expect to serve one ton of turkey, 1,500 pounds of coleslaw, green beans, potatoes and stuffing, along with 1,250 gallons of gravy, 15 cases of cranberry sauce, 667 dozen dinner rolls and 1,000 pies.

Stratacache, one of the larger and more successful players in the digital signage space, has teamed up with a group of charitable donors including ABC 22, FOX 45, Lastar, and the Dermatologists of Southwest Ohio. The event is held at  the Dayton Convention Center.

“Stratacache is proud to take part in an event that’s committed to giving back to the residents of the Dayton community,” says CEO Chris Riegel. “We encourage people to come out and join us in celebrating great food, wonderful friends and a strong community.”

Dayton’s unemployment rate is around nine per cent – close to the US average.

  1. Hi – I have looked for a site to volunteer for the 2012 Thanksgiving Meal at Dayton Convention Center and have not found it. Is your company involved this year? If not, can you tell me who I should contact?
    Thanks –

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