Digital Signs For Dummies now available, via Scala

November 9, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Say whatever you want to say about the software firm Scala and its product, but one thing there is no debate about is the company’s marketing smarts.

I don’t think any competing company comes close in that department, and it looks like the Scala folks have made another smart and cheeky move by sponsoring and giving away a new book called Digital Signs & Displays For Dummies.

The book is branded like all those other For Dummies books that have been around now for what seems like decades, but this was developed “on behalf” of Scala, Inc.

That probably, but not necessarily, means this will have a bit of that consumer brand cookbook thing going on – as in, “For a perfect network, just add two cups of Scala and stir.”

The press release says:

“For marketing and communications professionals, the book – written in plain English – shares with readers digital signage and display fundamentals, and innovative ways to use the technology.

Digital Signs & Displays For Dummies outlines to marketing and communications professionals ways to target messages exactly how, where and when they want to deliver them. The book also explains to readers how to generate dynamic content, manage key performance indicators and greatly improve corporate communications effectiveness.

Digital signs and displays are much more than just billboards or posters. They combine content from virtually any source to connect to a wide variety of displays for a highly impactful interactive communications experience. Digital signs and displays can inform and influence audiences to promote products, provide directions, explain corporate benefits, reinforce branding, manage key performance indicators and much more.

Digital Signs & Displays For Dummies was written by noted author Steve Kaelble and published by John Wiley & Sons, which has more than 1,600 For Dummies titles in print.

The book is free and can be ordered at

The clever part here, of course, is that this is a nice little lead generation engine for Scala and its channel partners, as you have to leave pretty thorough details to have that copy sent to you.

So who is “noted author” Steve Kaelble? Well, a rummage around the world’s biggest bookstore suggests his one book title is Environmental Commodities for Dummies, which is about Lord knows what. He has written a lot of magazine pieces on business and technology.

“Digital signage can be found everywhere – in stores, restaurants, corporate campuses and more – but many marketers still have not had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals. In Digital Signs & Displays For Dummies, expert author Steve Kaelble explains what digital signage is, how it works, and how you can get the most out of the technology,” said Andy Cummings, For Dummies Tech Publisher.

There will be people who argue that the last thing this industry needs is dumbing-down, but from my perspective just anything that gets people a little further up the learning curve is a good thing. Scala has been at this a long time and undoubtedly contributed heavily to the concepts and themes. I really doubt they’d invest the money and time to get behind something that really was dumb.

People who have been doing this forever won’t learn much, but they’re not the audience.

Tom and Jeff, send me a copy, please and thank you!

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