Nike lights up 1,404-image interactive wall in Portland flagship store

November 7, 2011 by Dave Haynes

My Preset Group partner Pat Hellberg sent me a note, some pix and video from the new Nike Portland store, which has what looks to be a pretty slick and innovative interactive video wall.

On the mezzanine level of the flagship store that JUST opened in the city’s downtown, at the top of the stairs, is a 12 foot by seven foot video wall that is actually a mosaic of 1,404 tiny images and video thumbnails. The images help form the face of Bill Bowerman, the University of Oregon track coach and Nike co-founder. When one of these small images is pressed, it launches a much larger pop-up window that tells part of the Nike story.

The store is in some respects a museum, and in every respect a brand experience. “All of the videos, all of the imagery, comes from Nike’s archives,” says Pat, who worked for many years at Nike and still has close ties. “Nike’s been shooting product, sports and athletes for over 30 years, so while shoppers won’t see any of Nike’s memorable TV spots, there’s still a lot of engaging content.”

Pat says the wall was definitely resonating with shoppers when he saw it on the weekend. “I hung around the wall for about 10 minutes.  Customers, old and young, flocked to it like moths to the proverbial flame.”

I’m in Portland next week for a couple days and that’s hopefully on the tour.

You can read more about the store at Oregon Live.

  1. This is a great answer to the age-old question of ‘what to do with all the brand and media assets we paid for, created and have access to over our various media channels’.

    Fantastic experiential marketing, would love to know who dreamt this one up!

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