Curmudgeon Friday: The “world’s greatest” digital signage manufacturer

October 28, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I find the best way to deal with the many knuckleheads out there who either have tenuous grips on reality or no shame is to just flat ignore them. It would be easy to post a dozen or more things a day if it didn’t go through my bullshit/crazy filter.

But sometimes, you see something that just gets the eyes crossed and the head shaking, and it gets attention for the wrong reasons.

Industry leader, ZIVELO, will be featured on “The World’s Greatest!…” television show after their selection by the show as the greatest manufacturer of self-service kiosks and digital signage in the world.

Ok, first, do you really want to issue a press release saying you are the greatest in the world? And do you really want to base it on being “selected” by a small production company in Florida that does long-form advertorial for hire, and packages it up in TV shows that run on something called the ION Network?

And then, do you really, really want to use the following quote?

“The ZIVELO brand stands out within the interactive kiosk and digital signage sector, very similar to how Apple stands out in the computer sector. After doing extensive research within the kiosk market, that brand awareness, along with their unique trigger-based automation processes played a big role in our selection,” said Josh Kessler, the show’s Production Manager.

Sure it did.

I looked at the company’s website. They make some nice-looking gear. They need to re-think their PR.


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