Jobs: Pattison Outdoor looking for digital media leasing rep

October 21, 2011 by Dave Haynes


Pattison Outdoor Advertising, one of the big OOH companies in Canada, is looking for someone to handle developing business and managing those relationships with commercial property managers across the country, specifically as it relates to putting in digital media in the office tower elevators and concourses.

Pattison has VERY quietly developed a network of several hundred elevator screens in offices across the country, as well as in office tower public areas.

I used to do that stuff – one of many hats I wore running a too-early network – and can say it’s not the easiest work. The sales cycle is long and the demands endless. But the property business also has lots of nice people. If you enjoy 150-page contracts, this will make you giggly. If you don’t, RUN!!!

Pattison is a good, solid company, though as conservative as they come.

The job is described as follows:


The ideal candidate will be responsible for growing the Digital Office Network inventory in office towers and concourses across Canada.  We need a confident person who can develop new business and manage existing client requirements with diplomacy and expedience.


The post is up on Linked In:


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