DPAA Media Summit Wraps Up

October 20, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Between zero free time and an iPad app for WordPress that has its limits, I can’t pass on much about the DPAA media summit in NYC today, other than it was very well run, very well attended and definitely worth the effort to get there.

I took lotsa notes and hope to get copies of some of the presentation decks.

Well done and thanks to Sue Danaher and the crew that put it together. Most conferences on this sector tend to be lopsided in favor of network operators and vendors. This event had a HEAVY presence from the agency community. Attendance was well past 400 and in the morning the room was jammed.

The crowd thinned as the day wound down and a lot of people will have missed a solid presentation from the CEO of Aegis, a very substantial agency conglomerate. He was very good, as I suppose the guy who runs a big agency group should be.

Nielsen bought drinks after. Yay. I behaved, as the airport awaited me.

More to follow in coming days as I decode my chicken scratches.

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